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Let's Draw a dot

What do you see?

You probably see a dot, but we see a giant piece of paper with lots of white space on it. There's potential. Most people are tired of a life that focuses on their "dots" (problems) and want to flourish out in the white space.

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you are a person. not a diagnosis.

People are beautifully complex. Your ability to thrive requires focusing on your strengths and shifting your mindset to allow you to break through barriers. By engaging in counseling or therapy, you are taking action toward a flourishing life.


Achieve your potential


I am resilient when life gets difficult
I have a newfound courage to be authentic in relationships
I know my strengths and maximize them


It's incredibly useful to know what you are aiming for by engaging in therapy with a professional counselor. This is what we strive toward, and often see people experiencing in life as a result of our work together. 


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